How to Hear the Voice of God

Do You Want to Hear God More Often?

My name is Pablo Pérez, and I believe "How to Hear the Voice of God" can show you how to walk closer to the Lord and tune your ears to hear His voice.

Here's what you get when you download this book::

  • 10 proven ways God can use to speak to you (according to what is revealed in the Bible).
  • How to discern and identify God's voice from your own voice and the voice of your enemy (HINT: most believers are confused about this).
  • Learn what to do, and how to navigate your "busy mind" that often hinders your ability to hear the Lord..
  • The several ways God may use to confirm His voice and direction for your life.
  • Learn the appropiate "posture" of listening to God. (5 revealing steps to position your heart).
  • A powerful "heart indicator" that can show you if you are going in the right direction or in the wrong one.
  • What to do with impressions, dreams and visions, to know for sure is God or your own imaginations.
  • And much more! It's time to get closer to God.

In addition, you will enjoy 57 minutes of anoited music (almost one hour) of melodies you can use to position your heart before the Lord, to listen to God's voice.

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See you inside...

Much Blessings
Pablo Pérez